Fortuna's Wheel of Fortune<BR>Sunday, September 26th

Fortuna's Wheel of Fortune
Sunday, September 26th

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Fortuna's Wheel of Fortune - Sunday September 26th, 2021

ZOOM: 10am - 4:30pm PACIFIC TIME

Fortuna’s Wheels of Fortune Bracelet is a series of three “wheels”. The central “wheel” is a CZ that has a simple peyote stitch beaded bezel. From there, the outside of this shape has been extended to give it a square 3-D shape representing the early designing stages of a wheel. It’s not square, but not round either. The side “wheels” are made in two parts, the wheels and the axles. 

The wheels are made of CRAW (cubic right-angle weave) using seed beads and fire polish beads.  The axles are CZ’s that have a simple peyote stitch bezel that are extended off the back, fed through the wheels and increased to form rivets, or the axle on which the wheels turn.

The three wheels are connected to one another to form the central component for the bracelet.  CRAW extensions are made for the bracelet bands ending in a sliding metal clasp.

Workshop: This is a one-day workshop for Intermediate to advanced students

KITS: $45.00 plus the cost of one 14mm cushion cut CZ and 2 10mm Round CZs.  There are 4 colors ways.