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Winter Halo
by Kim Stathis
Saturday, June 23rd

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Saturday, June 23rd - 10-5

A winter halo, is a phenomenon that usually appears in conjunction with a full moon. It looks like a whitish ring, about 10 to 20 times the size of the moon, surrounding the moon. It is caused by the reflection of light from the full moon on the ice crystals floating in the clouds. Once in a while, if you are really lucky, a double halo can be seen surrounding the moon.

Winter Halo bracelet features large pearls surrounded by double halos created using Herringbone stitch. The Halos attach to peyote platforms embellished with crystals for light emitting sparkle. The bracelet band is made with peyote stitch and embellished with pearls. The closure for the bracelet is a bead slide Clasp.

Skill Level – Advanced
This project requires that individuals know how to do Herringbone stitch and Peyote stitch and have completed several beadwork projects using these stitches.

Kit Price: $90.00 (3 color ways)