Techno Romantic Necklace<BR>Kim Stathis<BR>ZOOM CLASS<BR>Sunday, November 17th, 2024

Techno Romantic Necklace
Kim Stathis
Sunday, November 17th, 2024

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ZOOM CLASS - Techno Romantic Necklace

Geometric Pendant featuring four bezeled Crystal Triangles connected together to form a Tetrahedron.  The flat side of one Crystal Triangle sits flush against the chest while the other two Crystal Triangles form an outward facing focal point. The fourth Crystal Triangle caps off three joined Triangles.  Crystals and pearls are used at each connection point between all four Triangles to add a bit of sparkle and classic elegance to a contemporary design.  The Necklace Straps are made using cubic right angle weave and interspersed with round crystals and melon shaped beaded beads.  The clasp for the Necklace is a beaded pearl button with Loop closure.


Kit Details: 3 Color ways - $160